Home is where you heart is and home is where you spend more than 70% of your time. I have been automating homes of people for more than a decade and I have been requested by billionaires to create custom automation experiences for their homes.

Now, not just billionaires, but anyone can build smart homes. The only requirement for a smart home is not money but passion. In today’s era of DIY and affordability, you only need time and information to take the next step.


From villas to apartments, a smart home is one where the user can interact with their home in terms of security, lighting, HVAC and audio/video. For instance, there are basic scenarios where the client can view the security cameras remotely, have his favorite movie play in the home theater when he gets back home or even wake up to his favorite music with mood settings for the room like lighting and curtain adjustments. These don’t cost a fortune but you have a basic and affordable smart home as an end result.

Here are a few reasons to make your home smart.

1. Comfort & leisure

You can have an expensive home in terms of interiors and art work but in my honest opinion only a smart home allows you total comfort and leisure. Without pushing a button, the environment changes so that you are pampered. Unless you have technophobia, you can utilise the right technology to make your life simpler and better.


In this world of hacking and break ins, it’s become a priority to put security first. A security system is the initial deterrent for any intruder entering a home filled with your precious loved ones and valuable possessions.

3. Affordability

As i had mentioned initially, price is not a factor to build a smart home. There are countless DIY setups available for the novice beginner. With the right design from teams like us, you get a package which helps you meet your dream home without draining your pockets.

The onus for your home is solely on you and if at all it was upto me to decide, I would make sure that every home is smart.

Now make that smart choice and feel free to get in touch with us to help you design your homes smarter and better.

I have listed out my reasons for getting a smart home, what reasons could probably hold you back? Comment below.

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