Corporate Automation

Corporate Automation

In a conference room, the most common need is to connect a laptop to a video display and present information.The AV control and automation system centralizes the input and output signals from different audio, video and computer devices. With the aid of a user interface, it simplifies the selection and operation of various sources, so users feel comfortable operating the room’s technology.


Conference rooms vary in size (a medium to large one is roughly 300 square feet/30 square meters) and
generally accommodate approximately 4–12 meeting participants. Common activities include:
• Connecting computers to one or more displays to view multimedia content
• Sharing content wirelessly from tablets, smartphones or laptops
• Adjusting audio, video, lighting and temperature controls from an intuitive user interface
• Presenting and collaborating with remote participants via web conference
• Reserving a room remotely through scheduling software, such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar
• Monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting AV technology in real time from a central help des

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