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Smart Home is the technology where by your home appliances are integrated and automated to be controlled from a single interface, besides taking intelligent decisions on your behalf.


Lighting control will allow you to control lights located in any area of the house. change the lighting scenes to suit your mood, whether its a party or late night movie.

Intrusion systems secure your home from unwanted entry or movement in the house. Whether someone rings the door bell, or the back door is left open, or a leak is detected in the kitchen, receive security alerts notifying you.

Intelligent thermostat will now allow room temperature to be adjust according to the season. When you leave your home, thermostat automatically shuts down, saving energy.

Motorised shades and curtains to open automatically at morning time, welcoming sunlight into your rooms and in evening the shades close automatically.

Stream your desired music to select rooms or whole house. Devotional songs can be automated to play at a certain time of day.

Stream your desired music to select rooms or whole house. Devotional songs can be automated to play at a certain time of day.

A “Smart Homes” or to have “Home Automation” means to add Programmed Systems to one’s living space to enhance ones interaction with the daily essential utilities like in House Lights, Motorized Curtains, Motorized Digital Door Lock, Security and Surveillance Systems, Air conditioner, Distributed Audio Systems and Entertainment systems like LCD TV, Blu ray & Set top boxes.


When you opt for Home Automation for your new Home, you are opting for Digital Light Systems, Digital Audio Systems, Digital Motorized Door Locks, Digital Video Door phones and Digital Motorized Curtains there by allowing each of these systems to be monitored and controlled by a Central Processor.


The Central Processor can in turn be linked to your Smart Phone (iPhone, Android Phones) or Tablet PCs there by allowing the User the facility to control each of his Home Utility Systems via his Smart Phone or Tablet PC.

More than control, the user can create Presets to allow the Central Processor to control each device as the User likes.


For instance, The user can set the Smart Home System to call all the Exterior Lights in the House to be switched on automatically at Sun Down and Switch them off Automatically at Day break.


The same can be set for the Curtains to Open in the Day Time to allow natural light to enter in and Close upon night fall automatically.


Further if a visitor is at the Door, the Smart Home System will call in to the Customer`s phone and allow the Customer to see and talk to the visitor over his phone and even Open the Door all via the Customer’s Smart Phone.


Favante has over 10 years of collective experience in the Field of Smart Homes or Home Automation having provided Home Automation Programming Services in India, Kuwait & Qatar.


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